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Dick & Dana's
Southwest Vacation 1996
Photos Copyright of Dana Frostick 1996 except as noted
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In the Fall of 1996, Richard and Dana took a journey to the southwest. We flew to Dallas and rented a convertible for the rest of our trip.
We drove through the rest of Texas, then cut across most of New Mexico and up into Arizona. Our main goal was the Grand Canyon, but we saw so many other beautiful places, it's hard to mention them all.
The pictures below are from the second-half of this vacation. I'll try to get the first-half up sometime soon.
I wanted to find the begining of the Grand Canyon. I think this photo is about as close as it gets. This is the Little Colorado River Gorge, which leads into the northeastern end of the Grand Canyon.
One of many scenic views from below the rim of the Grand Canyon.
The sun streams gently into the canyon at dusk. The formation at right, center is called Vishnu's temple.
I caught an almost geometric symmetry in this photo of clouds and cliffs.
A telephoto lens captures more detail in this shot of the gorge (at right).
This photo reminds me of a quilt.
This shot really caught the awesome color of the canyon.
More detail of the gorge. We did not make it all the way to the Colorado River, but some day . . .
You can see part of a trail in the foreground of this photo.
Another intense shot of the "Big Hole."
This is one of my favorite compositions.
I always feel lucky when a rainbow appears while I'm on vacation.
Along the western rim trail of the canyon we caught this view of the formation they call the "Ampitheater of the Gods."
The only round of golf we played on our vacation was at this lovely course in Page, Arizona. Here, Richard taps one in the hole.
In this photo, I take a mighty swing with lovely Lake Powell behind me. The lake is man-made, and is the sole reason that Page exists.
Photo copyright of Richard Cornwell, 1996
The view from this tee-shot is enough to take your breath away. You feel like you are going to fly off the hill after hitting the ball.
This photo shows the contrast between the manicured course and the rugged terrain it is set in. In the distance is the club house.
In the hole again!
After leaving Page, we drove north to the Canyon de Chelly. This is the White House ruins -- an ancient indian village that was still in use when the Spanish first came to the area.
The Canyon de Chelly, though not as dramatic as the Grand Canyon, is an exquisitly beautiful place.
Finally, the last shot that got developed out of nine rolls. This is another personal favorite of mine. The hills of the Canyon de Chelly seem almost like sculpture in this photo.

UFO in Breckenridge, Texas. Just what was it Richard and I saw while we were watching a Lunar Eclipse?

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