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artist statement

I feel my role as an artist is to be a conduit for raw material from the universal fountain of creativity. Through my experiences and vision I filter this raw material into something unique and singular. I am not interested in reproducing a copy of what I see. Through my art I strive to impose my individuality onto what is shared by us all.

I prefer to work on a series of similar pieces for one or more years. As a series progresses, I try different techniques and materials but strive to keep the imagery consistent. When I have enough pieces to show as a group, I start considering an exhibition of the series. But inevitably it seems, I will be drawn to a new idea for another series and move on.

Even though my imagery, technique or material changes, my method of expression is consistent throughout all my work. I strive to relinquish as much control over my strokes as I can without losing hold of the brush. I focus on staying out of visual focus in the area I am working on. I allow the piece to speak to me about what it needs during its development. I have found that the less control I impose, the more effortless art becomes and the greater my happiness will be with the piece on its completion.

My current series of paintings is called "Elaborate Doodles." This is a return to and extension of the work I was doing in the late 1980's and early 1990's involving an automatic drawing process that is then articulated with details and patterns. Because I am not restricting my content to a pre-conceived composition, this type of work allows me unfettered access to my unconscious, providing a more direct path to my vision as an artist.
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