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older work

dreams & visions

'Brain Rose' by Dana Frostick 'Pig Dog' by Dana Frostick 'King Bunny' by Dana Frostick 'Icarus' by Dana Frostick 'Cow Over Moon' by Dana Frostick 'Mausoleum Carnival Maze' by Dana Frostick 'Danger on the Rocks' by Dana Frostick 'Vortex' by Dana Frostick 'Puzzle' by Dana Frostick
'Waterfall' by Dana Frostick 'Alternate View' by Dana Frostick 'Indefensible Position' by Dana Frostick 'Jade Mummy' by Dana Frostick 'Aren't You A Deer?' by Dana Frostick 'Spiral Trap' by Dana Frostick 'String Theory' by Dana Frostick 'Underground Infestation #2' by Dana Frostick


'Untitled' by Dana Frostick 'Untitled' by Dana Frostick 'Haunted Forest' by Dana Frostick 'Parade of Peacocks' by Dana Frostick 'Tree Climbing' by Dana Frostick 'Untitled #2' by Dana Frostick 'Inflatable Serpentine' by Dana Frostick 'Mixed Abstract' by Dana Frostick 'Red Sails' by Dana Frostick

a fleeting glimpse

'In the Pit' by Dana Frostick 'Seek' by Dana Frostick 'Destroy' by Dana Frostick 'Ancient Icons' by Dana Frostick 'Angry Squid' by Dana Frostick 'Banana Rama' by Dana Frostick 'Bucket Head' by Dana Frostick 'The Day After Tomorrow' by Dana Frostick 'Eye in the Sky' by Dana Frostick 'Howl on the Prowl' by Dana Frostick 'Mountainside in Spring' by Dana Frostick

vampire dreams

'First Vampire Dream' by Dana Frostick 'Underground Infestation' by Dana Frostick 'Study for Vampire Painting' by Dana Frostick


Ancient Geometry Deconstructing Stonehenge Stonehenge 9/11 Stones at Sunset Abstract Stones Illusion of Security Small Stone #2 Small Stone #1 Stonehenge #1


Breckenridge Incident Breckenridge Incident, 2nd View 'By the Side of the Highway' oil pastel on paper 'Old Man and Dog' oil pastel on paper 'Old Man and Dog #2' oil pastel on paper 'Exploring the Tunnel' oil pastel on paper 'Orca Balloon at Ridge' oil pastel on paper

industrial sights

Construction on Lombardy Lombardy Construction Construction on Lombardy #3 Construction on Lombardy #2 Construction on Lombardy #1 Bridge Over I-95 Bridge Construction Bridge Construction Detail #1 Bridge Construction Detail #2 The Green Building - painting Green Door Industrial Alleyway Dumpsters Behind a Fence Underneath I-95 (painting) Sauer's Through Barbed Wire Building Corner Southern Stove Works #4 Southern Stove Works #3 Southern Stove Works #2 Southern Stove Works #1 Green Building Building Medley #1


A Break in the Clouds Fat Cat Listening to the Blues on Piano Tribute to Baked Beans Guarding the Edge Hobgoblin Cityscape
Blushing Bride Commanding The Troops Cthulhu's Gaze Lion Sentinel Sleeping Giants Thinking Rock
Twisted Tree Sheer face drawing Ladder Going Down - Drawing Study for Sleeping Giants Untitled Canyon Drawing Canyon Drawing Diptych - Left Side Canyon Drawing Diptych - Right Side


'Minerva in Miniature' mosaic Unsteady Truce (painting) Unsteady Truce (drawing) Absorbed & Alert (Charlie) Absorbed Alert (Charlie) Charlie Absorbed Nicole and Pepper
Kneading (painting) Kneading (drawing) Guarding The Special Chair (painting) Guarding The Special Chair (drawing) Moma's Boy (painting) Moma's Boy (drawing) Posing (painting) Posing (drawing) The Yawn (painting) The Yawn (drawing)
Suffering Desire Ignorance

post college

Aspens Ripped Apart Dog Daze Hunting Cat Hideaway Snake Painting Caution (drawing #3) Caution (drawing #2) Caution (drawing #1) Fetish Painting Horse Radish Talbott With Roses In The Sky Talbott In The Field At Night Church Grave Yard Hippie at Rest Study of Hippie at Rest


Own Only Yourself Rock Cluster Sculpture/Drawing #1 Sculpture/Drawing #2 Marching Roots Power Lines Drawing Night in the Country Squash Still Life New Building in the Forest Two Trees Before a Wall Tree and Wall Violent Tree Cloud Figure Decaying Barn Abstraction Decaying Barn Starless Night Bridge On I-195 Study for Virile Male, copy of Michelangelo Electra Leading the Procession, copy of John Flaxman Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, copy of Albrecht Durër Kitchen on Manor Corner Nook Contour Self-portrait 1986

undergrad exhibitions:

buildings and trees

Building Tree #1 Building/Tree Building/Tree Tall Building Tree
Figure/Landscape Figure/Landscape Figure/Landscape Afterglow Buildings at Sunset Building drawing #1 Building drawing #2 Building in the Woods Decaying Building #1 Decaying Building #2 Decaying Chimneys Tree Shadow


Metallic Sunrise Enraged Treescape

repetitions and similarities

''Repetition & Similarities installation color preliminary drawing for 'Repetition & Similarities' black and white preliminary drawing for 'Repetition & Similarities'

early work

Ride the Snake Beneath the Italian Gardens Amorous Couple Self-portrait 1979 Phantasy of the Pharohs Watermelon Still Life Three Flowers

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