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walking dark shape

When I was about 14 years old, my twin sister and I were walking back home from our friend Anne's house. She lived about a half-block away from us and as it was approaching dusk, we walked her home and then returned together.

We walked up the right side of the street and we were getting ready to cross the road to go to our house when I noticed a figure walking in the driveway of the house across from ours. I saw a dark shape walk toward the back of a car, cross the back of the car, turn to go up the other side of the car and then it vanished.

There were no trees or bushes in front of me when I saw the shape vanish and it was on the side of the car that was closest to me at the time it disappeared. We were only about a house away from it, so I got a fairly clear view.

I turned to my sister Donna and said, "Don't ask any questions, just run!" I sprinted into the house with Donna close behind demanding an explanation.

No one believed me and of course Donna hadn't seen anything. I tried to forget about it and did just that until a few weeks or so later when I was outside stargazing. I was leaning against my mom's car in our driveway, looking at the sky overtop of the house across the street from us. Suddenly, I noticed the figure in the driveway across the street again!

It did exactly the same thing I had seen before, but this time I was viewing it from another perspective. It walked down the side of the car toward the back of the car, then turned to go back up the otherside of the car and DISAPPEARED!

Of course, I was very disturbed by this, but I felt that I was safe enough to walk into the house innstead of running this time!

The figure, as I said, was dark. It was shaped and it moved like a small man but had with no visible details whatsoever. The most disturbing thing about this event was that about 6 months after I saw the figure, the husband (who was estranged at the time of the sightings) died of a heart attack while in his 40's.

Written on 10/9/00.

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