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white shape at mary washington's grave

I have a friend named Pete that was a student at Mary Washington college in Fredricksburg, VA around 1990. Pete lived in a house with a bunch of other guys just off campus. Their house was a leisurely 10 minute walk to the gravesite of Mary Washington. One evening while I was visiting Pete we took a walk to see her grave.

It was a cold and clear evening. We had no trouble finding the gravesite as it is topped with a large oblisk and lighted up with spot lights. We stood next to the wrought iron fencing around the base of the oblisk and looked up at the sky. Bats were flying in the spot lights back and forth around the top of the oblisk.

After a minute or two of gazing up, a white, human-sized image appeared in the corner of my left eye. It was standing on the ground within 10 feet of me.

I quickly turned my eyes to get a better look, but in doing so, the image disappeared.

I turned to Pete and calmly suggested that we begin our return home. He agreed and we walked away from the grave. When we were about 50 feet or so away, I told him what I had seen.

He said I shouldn't try to scare him. I responded that if I was trying to scare him, I would have told him while we were still next to the grave.

Written on 10/10/00.

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