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ghosts i've seen

I am not at all positive about the nature of ghosts. I don't believe that dead souls inhabit the earth. Although I think it's possible that humans can leave a trace of themselves behind after death, my personal belief about ghosts is much different.

I believe that when we see ghosts, many times we are actually seeing through a "thin spot" where our dimensions are overlapping with those dimensions of another space/time existence. I believe this can happen because in my view of the world, all time exists at all times.

The following stories are events that actually occurred. This means, I actually saw these things while I was conscious and awake as opposed to just waking or falling asleep.

  • Bride Ghost with Parasol
  • Walking Dark Shape
  • White Figure at Mary Washington's Grave
  • Warehouse Employee Ghost
  • Dark Column in my Stairwell on China St.
  • Disappearing Group of Firgures in Hollywood Cemetary

    I have also experienced a couple of events that could be called poltergeist-type activity.

  • Horse Models Moved Inexplicably
  • My House at 236 Laurel St.

    Another true account of a ghost in Oregon Hill from an email I received. The following story is published here exactly as it was provided to me with the permission of the viewer (minus his full name and the exact street address).
  • Victorian Lady on Cherry St.

    "Ghosts I've Seen" introduction written on 10/9/00.

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