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horse models moved inexplicably

Being one of five childred and a twin, I had to share a bedroom growing up until I was about 15 years old. Just before my sister and I finally got our own rooms, we were in the upstairs converted attic bedroom together. My bed was on the wall at the front of the house and her's was against the back wall. Both of our beds had shelves over them which displayed our collection of plastic horse models. Both sides of the room were lined with storage space where we kept Christmas decorations and the like.

One night as we were going to sleep, I heard this tapping noise that started at the far end of the wall and raced up the wall towards me. As it ran up the wall, I felt the vibrations through my foot which was up against the wall.

This was something inside the storage space, not on the roof. But even still, it could have been a squirrel that got inside somehow, so I just tried not to let it bother me.

But, not long afterwards, I came home from school to find that all my horse models had been laid down on their sides, either on the shelves or on my bed. Also, my bed had been pulled out from the wall.

The only person home all day was my mom, and she said that she hadn't even been cleaning that day. I came home from school with my sister, so it couldn't have been her. All the horses were intact, so it seemed that none of them had been thrown, just moved. And oddly enough, nothing on Donna's side of the room had been touched.

Written on 10/10/00.

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