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disappearing figures in hollywood cemetary

I dated this guy named Andy Drake for a few months after I divorced my first husband. He was a adventurer of sorts and liked to do things that maybe weren't always entirely legal, but he never meant any harm by the things he did. One evening, Andy convinced me that it would be cool to take a walk in Hollywood Cemetary and that he knew a great way to get in. We both lived in Oregon Hill so it was just a short walk to the back of the cemetary where there was a broken gate.

I'm not big on treaspassing, so it wasn't long before I started to get really uneasy. We had just gotten to a paved road and we were trying to decide which way to go. I knew something didn't feel right, so I told Andy that I wanted to leave becuase I was afraid of running into cops or other people. He was reluctant, because it was all quiet and no one was around, but I started walking back to the gate and he followed.

Just as we got to the bushes next to the gate, we heard a car. We turned around and there was a vehicle driving where we had been about 30 seconds before, probably a police patrol. We dashed through the gate and we were kneeling down watching the car drive away.

As it disappeared, we heard voices and looked up towards a gap in the chainlink fence around the corner from us. About 100 yards away from us was a group of about 6-8 people walking into the cemetary. They walked down a small hill and headed into the field that we had just crossed. We both saw their sillhouettes as they entered the graveyard, but lost sight of them as they descended the hill.

Andy crawled up to the edge of the bushes about 20 feet away to get a better view and then he came back and said, "They're gone!" I followed him back and looked and he was right, no one was there. Only an open field for several hundred yards.

People, ghosts or other? Your guess is as good as mine!

Written on 10/10/00.

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